MBA International Trading have established a joint venture with Infinite Solutions in India.

In our continued drive and support of the Environmental Markets, we can now provide services in the following areas of Sustainability.

Sustainability Services

Project Development

We support and play an active role in promoting sustainable, economical, and technical solutions to assist sustainable development through our expertise in the utilization of the various globally accepted climate standards which act as a tool to help the link between local sustainable development and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

For us, project development does not just mean getting the project registered under a standard. It is equally important to keep in mind the salability of the project at the time of project development itself. We make sure that we implement measures at the time of project development itself that will enable high investor attention.

  • Gold Standard
  • Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)
  • Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)

Carbon Footprint Assessment

We help clients prepare a comprehensive GHG Inventory Report that fuses good practices for the environment and responsible management to achieve cost cutting and sustainable development. Our experience proves that taking steps to ensure the protection of the environment in addition to complying with current legislation leads to a reduction in environmental costs, both in the private and public sectors. With our Carbon Footprint services, we help organizations to identify, measure, reduce, offset and communicate GHG Emissions Indicators to all the stakeholders.

We help prepare GHG Inventory Reports for:
  • Companies
  • Standalone Projects
  • Events & Exhibitions
  • Products

Climate Finance

Climate finance refers to local, national or transnational financing, which may be drawn from public, private and alternative sources of financing. Developed nations have already committed to raising US$ 100 billion per year by 2020 – from public and private sources – under the Paris Agreement on climate change. We work with our clients in achieving financing, as well as refinancing at much better terms, for projects and investments that support low carbon and climate resilient development.

Carbon Trading

We help clients generate and trade high quality carbon credits that are credible, transparent, and tradable in global carbon markets.

CSR Reporting

CSR Reporting helps businesses understand and communicate their impacts on issues such as climate change, human rights and corruption. An increased awareness of our environmental impact and an understanding of CSR is an important and growing part of business activity while adopting triple bottom line approach to evaluate their performance in a broader perspective to create greater business value.

We help prepare CSR Reports as per the following guidelines:
  • GRI Guidelines
  • CSR Reporting as per Companies Act 2013