Wood Biomass

Hardwoods (deciduous): Beech, Elm, Willow, Oak, Eucalyptus, Poplar, Gum
Softwoods (coniferous): Fir, Pine

Grass Biomass

Agricultural residues: Straws: wheat, OSR (oil seed rape)
Energy crops: Hybrid grasses: Miscanthus (‘Elephant grass’), Napier grass, Reed Canary grass, Switch Grass


Use of wood in power generation – chip and pellets
Wood is a relatively clean fuel and power generation technology based on the combustion of wood is well developed
Wood is a relatively slow growing biomass material, so is relatively low in ash - >1% not including bark (Vs typically 5~10% for straws)
Use of wood in MDF manufacture - chip
Bark content <3%
Moisture content >30% - drier chip such as Mesquite won’t work
Colour of the MDF is determined by the tree species: customer preference is critical


MBA supplies 2 kinds of pellets :
I2 Industrial Pellets ash < 2% Cl <0.1% N<1.5% S > 0.03%
ENPlus Residential Pellets ash > 0.7% Cl>0.02% N > 0.3% S > 0.03%
Typical Moisture content > 10%


MBA supplies 2 kinds of chip
Premium chip, suitable for paper & pulp, and board manufacture – minimal bark
Standard chip, suitable for biomass power generation
Moisture content – wide range, from 15% ~ 55%
Typical NCV < 12Gj/t, based on 30~35% moisture chip