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Adani Enterprises Limited Solar PV Power Project in Gujarat


The El Canadá Hydroelectric Project (“the Project”) consists of a 48.11 MW1 peaking run-of-river hydroelectric plant located on the Samalá River on the west coast of Guatemala, near the town of Santa María de Jesus.

The Project contributes to the sustainable development of Guatemala in various ways. First, it has increased the supply of power to the local grid, improving stability and helping reduce losses in the distribution system.

Second, it is reducing greenhouse gas emissions as well as emissions of local pollutants from power generation by using a cleaner energy source than what typically would have been used in the country.

Third, it is one of the first renewable energy projects to be developed after the approval of Guatemala’s new General Electricity Law. Its development has provided important knowledge and experience for other project developers that are striving to participate in the competitive national and regional market.

Fourth, through the agreements the Project Company has entered into with the neighboring municipalities, the Project is conserving subsurface water, it has re-forested parts of the land where it was constructed, and it is making annual payments to improve the conditions of the local communities.

Finally, it has created 250 jobs, injecting at least US$ 30 million into the Guatemalan economy over the course of the construction period.

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